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Tips for storing your coffee

Tips for storing your coffee

Posted by Andrew Rotondi on Sep 3rd 2018

So you’ve decided to buy freshly roasted coffee instead of store-bought or k-cups. First of all, good decision! I will hand it to k-cups however, they are easy to store. You just pop them in the cabinet and voila, you’re done. But storing beans or grounds is not difficult. Here are a few tips to keep your coffee fresh until the last scoop!

Beans or Grounds?

Coffee will last the longest in bean form, but we understand that most people do not have a coffee grinder in their home or office. If you do purchase whole bean, then your coffee will last for months – especially if you keep it in a sealed bag with a degassing valve, which all of our bags have.

But keeping coffee grounds fresh is easy. Our coffee is roasted and shipped in the same week, so you are drinking the freshest cup of coffee possible. We store our inventory in bean form and grind each order as it is being processed, so you are receiving freshly-ground coffee. 

Keep it cool and dry

A common mistake people make is putting their coffee beans or grinds in the freezer. They think: Hey, meat lasts a while in the freezer, so will my coffee! While it is true that in an ideal scenario coffee will last longer frozen than at room temperature, issues arise when moisture enters the container. Moisture is coffee’s worst enemy. Putting your coffee in a Ziploc bag or Tupperware container will not keep all moisture out while frozen, and your coffee will suffer for it.

Instead, use an airtight container and keep your coffee at room temperature. Avoid putting it in a cabinet near the oven or heater because that can be too warm.

What kind of container should I buy?

You don’t need a fancy coffee container – although they are nice to look at. Any opaque container with an airtight seal will do just fine. Put it on your counter or in the cabinet near your coffee machine, and you’re done!

Here is the container I use in my apartment, which was purchased for under $20. It is a nice counter piece and keeps the coffee fresh! 

(Free 2 lb. bag of coffee for the first person who can guess what year that coffee machine is from.)

It's as simple as that. Whether you buy one, two, or five pounds, beans or grounds, your coffee will stay fresh until you're ready to order more.