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House Espresso Water Processed Decaf

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Full City, Espresso Decaf
Mexico, Brazil
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Espresso is often referred to as the base coffee drink. Ours is a Full City roast, blending Mexican and Fancy Bourbon Santos. The beans are chestnut brown in color and show patches of oil when they are finished.

Espresso is only available in 2 lb. bags.

All of our decaf coffees are water processed, which means the caffeine is extracted from the beans with no chemicals used. This is by far the best method for making decaf coffee.

Not sure which grind option to choose? 

  • Drip - a regular grind for everyday coffee brewers. This option will work great for most methods of brewing.
  • Fine - best used for Melitta pour or espresso machines.
  • Coarse - best used for cold brew or French press coffee makers.
  • Whole Bean - keeps your coffee fresh for the longest amount of time. Only choose this option if you have access to a coffee grinder.

Tips for storing your coffee.