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Specialty Roasts: Variety Pack

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Coffee #1 - Light Roast (1 pound):
Gold Label
Coffee #2 - Medium Roast (1 pound):
Gourmet House
Coffee #3 - Dark Roast (1 pound):
After Dinner
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The Specialty Roasts Variety Pack is a combination of our favorite light, medium, and dark roast coffees. It is a great option if you want to try different roast degrees, or if you are unsure which coffee you prefer.

Light Roast - Gold Label blend: a mix of Central American coffees to create a mild roast with smooth flavor. It’s a coffee you can enjoy at any time of day.

Medium Roast - Gourmet House blend: made from blends of the finest coffees grown throughout Central and South America. It is medium-bodied and slow-roasted to deliver smooth richness cup after cup.

Dark Roast - After Dinner blend: a delicious combination of medium and dark-roasted coffees to deliver a satisfying, full flavor. 

Not sure which grind option to choose? 

  • Drip - a regular grind for everyday coffee brewers. This option will work great for most methods of brewing.
  • Fine - best used for Melitta pour or espresso machines.
  • Coarse - best used for cold brew or French press coffee makers.
  • Whole Bean - keeps your coffee fresh for the longest amount of time. Only choose this option if you have access to a coffee grinder.

Tips for storing your coffee.